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Class of 2020 graduation under lockdown

May 15, 2020

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For the very first episode of Cappuccino Chats, FI speaks to three fashion students studying media, styling, and journalism. This episode discusses the triumphs and frustrations of graduating in lockdown and what it’s like to be the class of 2020. From Ciara, embarking on her final year at university to both Nicky and Chloe preparing to enter an overcrowded job market, turned upside down by the pandemic. The future is uncertain for these 3 budding fashion enthusiasts.

Graduates in the workplace

May 17, 2020

For the second episode of Cappuccino Chats, FI speaks to two amazing graduates. Emilie Hill, an Editorial Apprentice at the Telegraph, and Millie Carter, a Creative Artworker for Mint Velvet. Both of these girls know exactly what it takes to hustle and work their hardest to get to where they are today. This episode will touch on how the workplace has changed, tips, and tricks to staying positive in hard times and the up and down feelings that come along with being furloughed.

Political campaigning for change

May 17, 2020

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For the third episode of Cappuccino Chats, FI speaks to Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE who is attempting to increase social mobility by changing the law through a Private Members Bill that aims to limit any unpaid work experience or internship to four weeks. This episode discusses the current status of the private member’s bill due to COVID -19 and the initiatives Chris has taken to continue to shine a spotlight on the impact of unpaid internships.  

Impact on influencers during the pandemic

May 17, 2020

For the fourth episode of Cappuccino Chats, FI speaks to Abigail Colgan who is currently Assistant Communication Manager for L’Oreal Paris and Laura Ronnie Nelson who runs her Brand and Influencer Consultancy Agency. This episode discusses initiatives taken by L’Oreal to help with the fight against COVID-19, the impact on influencers during the pandemic, and what it’s like to work full time from the comfort of your own home.

FI Publications

May 17, 2020

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