10 Industry Professionals to follow during lockdown

May 15, 2020

With the world in lockdown, our phones have become a window to the outside world. There’s no better time to spruce up your Instagram feed and follow these extraordinary industry professionals. If you’re in need of a good giggle, industry updates, how to look good in ‘couch wear’ or looking for ways to get active without leaving your front door then keep on reading. Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage due to people spending far more times on their phone, now more than ever, it’s imperative to stay connected to the industry and focus on creating contacts and keeping up to date. 

Angie Smith – 99.9K followers – @angiesmithstyle

Angie Smith is a fashion stylist known for dressing some of Britain’s most beloved television stars. She is a master of finding fabulous clothes that her client’s fans rush to imitate. Born in Chester, raised in Belgium and Cyprus and educated in fashion at Southampton. Angie has been a personal stylist for over 12 years. Follow her to see her #FraudShake recipe and ‘to die’ for Quarantine outfits. 

Image credit: Angie Smith’s Instagram

Anna Hart – 33.3K followers – @annaelerihart

The social media world would be a quieter place without Anna Hart. Anna quit her day job to launch One Roof Social an influencer media agency that pairs digital influencers with premium brands such as L.K Bennett and Marks and Spencer. Follow her Instagram to see her gorgeous pup Lopez, her daily skincare routine in lockdown and how she is still managing to stay afloat whilst running her own business from home. 

Fashion industry professional to follow

Emma Rose Thatcher – 59K followers – @emmarosestyle

If you want to know how to put the ultimate lockdown outfit together, then Emma Thatcher is the stylist to follow. Emma loves mixing high end, high-street and vintage clothes and trying out trends that translate to real life. Watch her latest ‘Jeans & Tea’ IGTV series talking to designer Olivia Rubin on what it’s like to work from home whilst home-schooling in the process.   

Image credit: Emma Rose Thatcher’s Instagram

Farrah Storr – 22.1K followers – @farrahstorr

Farrah Stoor is Editor In Chief of the UK edition of Elle and knows a thing or two about working in magazines and is passionate about changing the face of fashion and making it a far more inclusive culture. Follow Farrah to gain an insight into her cooking masterclasses and regular updates in regards to Elle.

Image credit: Farrah Stoor’s Instagram

Georgie Coleridge Cole – 20K followers – @gcoleridgecole

If there’s one lady in London who has her finger on the pulse it is Georgie Coleridge Cole, Editor and Founder of SheerLuxe, a go-to online bible for fashion, lifestyle and beauty. SL has come up with a fabulous imitative to donate £1 to the NHS for every new subscriber in May. Their target is £25k. Follow Georgie to get all the updates with what is happening in the industry and her life in lockdown. 

Image credit: Georgie Cole’s Instagram

Hannah Martin – 89.7K followers – @hannahmartinmakeup

Hannah Martin is a makeup artist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. If you fancy learning some tips and tricks on how to achieve the full glam for those zoom call interviews, Hannah is your gal! Follow to see her #pillowchallenge and lockdown makeup tutorials. 

Image credit: Hannah Martin’s Instagram

Lucy Halfhead – 21.4K followers – @lucy.halfhead

Lucy Halfhead is Senior Editor and Travel Director of Harpers Bazaar and Town & Country and has worked at Hearst Magazines UK for seven years. She has written about a wide range of destinations, including Cambodia, Mexico and Bali. Follow Lucy to have a look inside her travels and positive messages to keep you going through the lockdown. 

Image credit: Lucy Halfhead’s Instagram

Mia Donovan – 11.3K followers – @miakittyfashion

Mia Donovan is the intern to follow with experience of interning at magazines including Elle, Grazia and Noctis working on photoshoot’s featuring high profile personalities. Mia is currently an intern for Very. Follow her account to brighten up your feed, her graphic illustrations and Elsie & Fred styled outfits will inject some colour into your life.

Image credit: Mia Donovan’s Instagram

Sam Freedman – 11.8K followers – @samfreedman1

Sam Freedman is a freelance beauty journalist, previously associate beauty editor Grazia UK and Look Magazine. Sam is also the founder of Curate Beauty. She will be adding some positivity to your Instagram feed with her “Work from home” 10-minute makeup look, the cupid shuffle challenge and her current skincare routine.

Image credit: Sam Freeman’s Instagram

Skye Shihab – 1,203 followers – @skyeshihab

Skye is co-founder of K&H Comms, a communication and wholesale agency for fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. Although her office in Kensington, has been replaced by her home in the country, Skye is staying positive and productive. She is both working for her clients and enjoying time with her husband and doggy. Follow her to see inspirational quotes and what the new working day looks like for a publicist within the industry.

Image credit: Skye Shihab’s Instagram